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Chobits by Yoruny
Chobits :heart:

Another drawing done!
I prefer the previous one than this one, oh well, haha
Anyways, I dont know if i should stay to paintings,
Maybe, hmmmm

Soo, you guys up well and healthy? haha
I can share a status update with my watchers?
Yuuki Asuna by Yoruny
Yuuki Asuna
Yuuki Asuna from Sword Art Online :heart:

Heyy! It's been quite so long since my last upload,
And this time, i tried some semi-realism, perhaps,
I wanted to upload this yesterday but, yeah
Gardener and the Master - Page 2 by Yoruny
Gardener and the Master - Page 2

-Gardener and the Master-
Page 2

Heyyy! Page 2!
Sorry for the slow update,
It's suppose to be upload yesterday ehh? Ahh yes, haha
Yesterday i got lazy,

Anyways! Stay tune for more! please? :heart:

Gardener and the Master - Page 1 by Yoruny
Gardener and the Master - Page 1

-Gardener and the Master -

Hey guyss!
It's been awhile since I updated Reimu Daily Life,
Well, I got lazy sometimes,

But hey! New series here!
On this manga, it's about Youmu and Yuyuko love,
Hopefully this would be a succesful, and first finished series,

Anyways, stay tuned for the next page! :heart:

Here are the list of the commisions i will be doing, I will be updating this everytime when slots are open!

So if you see an empty slot there, be quick and note me!:iconwave-uplz:

1) :iconruiudo:
2) :iconmizoresenpai:
3) :iconnikkelahghaz:


Yoruny has started a donation pool!
1,142 / 10,000
Donating is Caring~ :iconhappygrinneplz:

I not take requests, only fanart of an anime or your OC
(i will only do sketch tho)


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    Donated Nov 10, 2014, 9:13:16 AM
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:iconreimudanceplz:Touhou Stamps:iconreimudanceplz:

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Yo~ Ru~ Ny~
Thu Oct 30, 2014, 2:16 PM
This is a shoutbox
Wed Aug 20, 2014, 12:38 AM


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